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Refuel Fitness and Nutrition

Regenerating Your Fitness And Nutrition To Revitalize Your Health

Our plans are very reasonable and pocket friendly. We have no hidden costs. The rate is fixed for all. 6,000 inr for a complete 15 week customized workout and diet plan.

We are truly working to promote fitness and to make the youth of today aware that natural fitness and healthy lifestyle is the only escape from all kinds of illnesses, be it mental or physical . Only a healthy balanced lifestyle can transform you inside out.

What's included in the plan

1. Three progressive workout plans

Including bodybuilding exercises, bodyweight and functional training, metabolic conditioning and circuit workout along with core training and detailed description of cardivascular training.each plans duration will be for 5 weeks. Once done you will be shifted to a more challenging and intense workout plan.

2. Demonstrative videos

We will send you small videos demonstrating the form of each and every exercise included in the plan in the same sequence along with detailed instructions of it so that it becomes absolutely convenient for you to understand it. These videos shall be sent along with the plan on your Whatsapp number.

3. Weekly update and doubt clearance

We shall call you at the end of every week to get an update from you and also try to motivate you during times you feel low and make sure you head towards the right track with positivity and enthusiasm. Meanwhile you can call us or whatsapp us regarding any doubts you have on our number. We shall get back to you and make sure to clear it as soon as possible.

4. Customized diet plan – veg /non-veg

We will alter your diet based on your goals and make sure you don’t have to struggle too much for it. We will calculate the total macros and make sure you are getting them all enough and in the correct portions at regular intervals so that you are fueled properly throughout the day and feel active and energetic.

5. Supplement advice

We don’t believe its mandatory for one to take supplements unless and until your nutritional needs are being fulfilled naturally. Though if you are willing to include them, we shall guide you properly so as to which supplements are the best and worth investing your money. We will also provide you names of genuine brands and products that are completely effective and genuine.

So what are you waiting for? Join RFN and Revitalize your Health now with Tailor made Workout /Diet plans just for you. Whatsapp Mr. NIMIT on +919082190079 and start your fitness journey with RFN