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Refuel Fitness and Nutrition

Regenerating Your Fitness And Nutrition To Revitalize Your Health

What is refuel fitness and nutrition

Refuel fitness and nutrition (RFN) is an initiative to promote natural fitness and healthy lifestyle. Since we want to spread awareness about natural fitness to as many people we can reach out, we have chosen the social media platform to provide online training at a very reasonable price and to ensure that you get delivered the best results from it.


Customized workout/ diet plans and motivational support provided by

Nimit Vasani – Believes that fitness should not be a part of your lifestyle but rather a lifestyle in itself. Working out since past 10 years and has transformed himself not just physically but mentally as well into a positive specimen by the grace of almighty. A certified personal trainer from golds gym university as well as progressive fitness who has invested 10 years into fitness and is here to ensure that all your hard work gets channelized into the right direction and results into smart work.

Technical support by

Abhishek Bedichandani -  happy go lucky guy who is a MBA by qualification and a web designer by choice. He believes in promoting health and awareness amongst people and is on always on a quest to deliver sincere and honest efforts.he’s a go getter and believes in hard-work. Never opts for the easy way. That’s why he’s the technical head of our team.


Demo workout video tutorial support by

Laksh Kumar – A national level runner and athlete who is very passionate about fitness. Constantly trying to learn new physically challenging movements and trying to overcome them with his never give up attitude. A true believer of practice makes man perfect, he’s our supporting teammate to demonstrate the form of exercises to the best of his knowledge with grace.

From skinny to Muscular - All Naturally

I always wanted challenging exercises to improve my strength and ability as i had been a National level player. I started taking training from RFN coach Nimit Vasani. His exciting workout plans along with new variations got me addicted and helped me achieve a muscular fit body by completely natural means. Thanks to Nimit Vasani for guiding me and always keeping me motivated and dedicated towards fitness.

Mr. Rahul (Mumbai)

Achieved a Model like body and a athlete like performance

Hello this is Deepak here. I always aspired to have a lean and muscular body but never thought it’s possible naturally. I came across RFN coach Nimit Vasani and started training with him because training really seemed fun with him. He also gave me a lot of insights about healthy eating and nutrition and as time passed, I realized that I had already achieved a great body along with amazing strength gains and endurance. It all happened because I started loving the process for which I thank RFN coach Nimit Vasani whom I am proud to call my brother. Thumbs up to RFN!!

Mr. Deepak Kumar (Delhi)

Improved overall fitness and gained amazing strength

Hi! myself 18 year guy who wanted to be fit and started going to gym. At first, I simply used to go to the gym, do anything and return back with no proper guidance and workout plan. Then one day I saw RFN coach Nimit Vasani doing some amazing strength and bodyweight exercises. Since past 5-6 months under the guidance of Nimit Vasani, I gained some amazing strength and also lost some amount of fats. Although I am yet to achieve my goal physique but from within I can feel the strength and stamina which I gained through Nimit Bhaiya's plan. Seriously the best coach and a open minded guy who promotes overall fitness rather than bulking up in the gym.

Mr. Hasan (Mumbai)

From a chubby kid to a suave and confident teenage

From scrawny to brawny - Naturally